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Greek Mix / Whole

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Bring variety and interest to the table with this delightful medley of 4 whole Organic Greek Olives. Each derive their unique taste and texture from the micro-climate and soil of their native regions. Regeneratively grown and nutrient dense. Pair with cheese and fruit for a crowd-pleasing app.

  • Kalamata - a robust flavor and smooth texture from Sellasia in the Peloponnese
  • Amfissa - from the hillsides of central Greece with a sweet flavor reminiscent of light, fruity young olive oil
  • Atalanti - green in color, large, plump and soft with a salty almost tangy flavor from the Aegean shoreline of central Greece
  • Chalkidiki - a firm green olive with a smooth, distinctive taste from Northern Greece

Only 4 Ingredients: 

Pairs Well With

Cheese: Brie
Charcuterie: Prosciutto
Other Goodies: Almonds
Wine: Rose
Beer: Amber Ale

The Big Picture Promise

Grown right and prepared clean. We don’t cut corners or need deceptive marketing. We’re driving towards a new bottom line - the health of people, farmers and the planet. When you purchase Big Picture Foods, you'll never have to worry if the company you're supporting is doing right.

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We know that when you do right by food from the beginning - eliminating chemicals and over processing to extend shelf life - you’re left with a raw, probiotic superfood that is nutrient rich and not only good for you - but so flavorful, it will make your tastebuds sing.

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